About the VNAA Blueprint

blue·print (n.) A detailed plan of action. A model or prototype.


The VNAA Blueprint for Excellence: Pathway to Best Practices is precisely what the name suggests: A detailed plan for pursuing best practices in home health, hospice and palliative care, guided by pioneering health organizations. A blueprint is not intended to be admired for its artistry; its many layers build on each other, offering progressive detail to guide progress toward a specific goal.


The VNAA Blueprint is a quality improvement and workforce training resource. It advances the use of best practices by gathering into one virtual location curriculum and training tools, as well as the relevant research supporting those tools. The VNAA Blueprint and its best practices demonstrate home health care’s value--both in lowering the overall cost of care and in improving health outcomes.


Its architects are home health, hospice and palliative care thought leaders, academics and experts in processes and practices designed to improve health care delivery--the VNAA Best Practices Work Group. Many are involved in innovative projects, creating reform and transformation in their own communities. Some are providers involved in the Independence At Home demonstration and accountable care initiatives. Others are participating in bundled-payment collaboration. Most come from within VNAA’s membership. They bring expertise and road-tested solutions to the table.


These volunteers assessed tools and resources used by high-performing VNAA member organizations. Collaboratively, they developed solutions to some of health care’s knottiest challenges, from reducing the risk of falls to medication reconciliation. The collective expertise is distilled in the VNAA Blueprint.


Designed for actionable use by home health organizations, the VNAA Blueprint is also a valuable resource for payers, policymakers, researchers and others with a stake in improving care transitions. Each topic covered by the Blueprint is self-contained and ready for you to explore and put into practice. It is envisioned as an evergreen resource. We will add other modules and topics as they are considered, developed and vetted by the work group. Learn more about how to use the VNAA Blueprint for Home Health or Hospice and Palliative Care.


VNAA member organizations have successfully worked to close gaps and improve the safety and efficiency of care transitions, especially transitions from clinical settings into the home. As the guardian at the intersection between acute care and primary care, VNAA brings a much-needed perspective to health care delivery. Now, it’s up to you--payers, providers and policymakers-- to build quality, using this blueprint to improve outcomes, enhance patient experience and control costs.

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