Background: Policymakers

You have questions. The VNAA Blueprint has answers.

It’s time to pay attention to home health care and hospice. As health reform continues to take shape, accountable care models and other innovations will demand financial and process collaboration between providers and across care settings—including home health and hospice.

Much is at stake. Home health care affects millions of Americans and costs billions of dollars. In 2012, about 3.4 million Medicare beneficiaries received home health care, and the program spent about $18 billion on home health services. In that same year, over 1.27 million Medicare beneficiaries received hospice care, totaling about $15.1 billion in services (Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, 2013). Home health and hospice are a critical part of the medical neighborhood. You need to make informed decisions. We can help.

And let’s be frank: We know home health and hospice care are under scrutiny. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to be able to identify which agencies are embracing best practices?

The VNAA Blueprint for Excellence, developed over nine months by VNAA's Best Practices Work Group, offers the tools you need. It includes training programs and resources used by the nation's top performing home health and hospice agencies and evidence-based practices from clinical and academic experts. It is a rich resource for an objective perspective about how standards and best practices for home health care services should be informed. It also provides a ready resource for understanding the home health and hospice care process.

The VNAA Blueprint is vigorously vetted and includes references so you can dig deeper and learn more.

The VNAA Blueprint demonstrates the value of home health and hospice for patients, their families and the community. It also reinforces VNAA’s role as a partner in innovation, advancing quality improvement and accountable models of care. The VNAA Blueprint allows us to bridge the knowledge gap between home health and hospice professionals and policymakers with valuable, validated and vetted resources, accessible to all—payers, policymakers and providers alike.

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