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Value. Validation. VNAA Blueprint for Excellence.

Home health and hospice care affects millions of Americans and costs billions of dollars. In 2012, about 3.4 million Medicare beneficiaries received home health care, and the program spent about $18 billion on home health services. In that same year, over 1.27 million Medicare beneficiaries received hospice care, totaling about $15.1 billion in services (Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, 2013). And those are just Medicare dollars. With a price tag in the billions, you deserve assurance you’re getting your money’s worth.

The VNAA Blueprint for Excellence is a valuable resource for payers, researchers and others with a stake in improving care transitions, reducing hospital readmissions, maintaining quality of life and enhancing patient safety. The best practices spotlighted here demonstrate that VNAA is uniquely suited to support member organizations as they adopt best practices to achieve better outcomes, lower costs and enhance the patient care experience. Developed over nine months by VNAA's Best Practices Work Group, the VNAA Blueprint offers an objective perspective about how standards and best practices for home health and hospice care services should be informed (turn to our references  to dig deeper and learn more). Payers seeking to enhance the patient experience of care, improve population health and reduce costs will find robust resources demonstrating the value of home health to achieving these aims.

The VNAA Blueprint provides assurance to payers that nonprofit home health and hospice care organizations are equipped and ready to achieve industry-recognized best practices and quality reporting expectations, and demonstrates VNAA’s role as a partner in advancing accountable models of care. Simply put, the VNAA Blueprint illustrates what you should expect from best practices in home health and hospice. The VNAA Blueprint allows us to bridge the knowledge gap between home health and hospice professionals and payers with valuable, validated and vetted resources, accessible to all—payers, policymakers and providers alike.

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